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Vinegar has been around for centuries. Strange as it may seem, vinegar is not ONLY for salads, fish and chips, or pickling. It has far more uses than just eating or as a condiment for foods.

Did you know that chlorine can’t kill ecoli... but a special mixture containing vinegar can.


Hi There!

My name is Allen Weber, after much long, tedious and careful research I have uncovered many uses of vinegar... 391 to be exact. Ranging for everything from killing germs and bacteria, skin treatments, fast and easier household cleanup, healthier pets, cleaner laundry, easy stain removal, and much, much more. Believe it or not, vinegar can be far more effective than the harmful and dangerous commercial chemicals you use every day. It also can save you a lot of money.

  • Vinegar Saves You Money
  • Vinegar Saves You Time
  • Vinegar Can Help You Lose Weight
  • Vinegar Is Safe

Take advantage of the safe, easy to use, money saving secrets revealed in Vinegar Magic.

Thinking of using chlorine or ammonia on your windows? What if the right blend of vinegar could not only remove the dirt and grime easier, but you would not be inhaling potentially hazardous chlorine gas, or that disgusting ammonia smell. Do you know what I mean?

The mega corporations selling harsh chemical cleaners and toxic insecticides do not want you to read this information. Why? Let's stop and ask a few fundamental questions:

  1. Are the products they sell safe for your family, pets and the environment? the labels and see.

  2. Do the products they sell work efficiently as possible?

  3. Is there a better, time saving, and cheaper way to achieve even better results?

I have to tell you. Once this information really gets out I'll feel sorry for the detergent companies. You know, the ones who produce and sell common chemical detergent cleaners, window cleaners, the harmful and poisonous floor cleaners, bleaches, etc.

Look at some of the money saving secrets revealed when you order Vinegar Magic...

Slow drain? Don’t buy an expensive drain cleaner. Speed it up for pennies... see page 23 for details.

Clear unwanted grass and weeds on walks and driveways in seconds...See page 48 to see how to effortlessly do it.

After reading the information in Vinegar Magic why continue to throw away 1000's of dollars for potentially harmful, noxious chemicals? When you learn the proper use of vinegar can be as effective if not more effective, and far less expensive too! You too will save so much money using vinegar for everyday cleaning you will be amazed!

Have you ever spent hours scraping bottoms of pots to get them clean? Maybe you even threw them away because they were so tarnished. Did you know you can Clean tarnished copper — use a paste made of salt and vinegar simply and easily.

Save Your Time and Effort

When you order Vinegar Magic you Save Your Time when you use this knowledge. This information is laid out for you so it is easy to use you can find your answers instantly.

First the information is separated logically into chapters to help you find the information you need. The chapters are: Household uses ( 190 uses like removing stains; odor control; and more); Personal Care uses ( 122 uses like skin softener; eliminating foot odors; treating burns; etc. ); General Food uses ( 57 uses like disinfecting food contact surfaces, cutting boards etc.; better looking baked items, and more) and Pet and Animal uses (22 uses for healthier pets and animals).

Benefits for You

The ebook format was chosen to make it even easier for you. A reference book is there to provide you with information. Why waste time searching page by page to find information you want. Isn't it Simply Easier to click on a picture of binoculars, type a word for the problem, and instantly get an answer? For example type "Skunk" and up pops "Remove skunk odor from a dog" on page 97.

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Some People Don’t Like eBooks

If you don’t like eBooks... we have you covered. We created a new paperbook edition just for you. It has the same great information. It has the same easy to use layout as the eBook. So just look up what you need in the Table of Contents and simply turn to the page and get the information.

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When you order Vinegar Magic everyday household cleaning tasks that took hours can now be accomplished in minutes. With very little effort.

To get Sparkling Dishes and Glasses your friends will ask your secret for... Follow the instructions on  page 5.

Problems with ants? Discover how to stop them in their and make them run away... without toxic insecticides!...See page 35.

Save Money by extending the life of your dishwasher... See page 7 to discover how

"First-aid, kitchen aid, and helpful household tips abound in Allen Weber's
new book. From the laundry basket to tough grease in the microwave Weber's
advice works so well it's no wonder he calls it magic — Vinegar Magic."
Sandra Morgan,

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Just got bit by a mosquito? Discover how to safely stop the itching in seconds... See page 76.

Want shiny clean hair?... Use vinegar as a low cost effective hair rinse. Vinegar will neutralize the alkali residue left by shampoos and create a glowing attractive sexy healthy shine... See page 58 for details.

Athlete’s Foot burning itch? Relieve the suffering now... See page 62 for relief.

Sunburned?... See page 51 for effective and fast relief.

Why spend money on expensive dandruff shampoos?... Use the instructions on page 58.

“Wow! An unusual book with practical, fun, and even surprising ideas — all tested and proven to work! You're bound to find at least something in here to shout about!” —  Joe Vitale, author of numerous books, including “Spiritual Marketing”

So with 391 different uses and formulas, and being able to throw away a closet load of harsh chemicals and replace them with low cost money saving vinegar. How much is the information contained in the Vinegar Magic ebook worth to you? How much is your time, health and happiness worth? I’d say at least $1,000,000.00 But you would not pay that much.

Well, here is the good news. I was told Vinegar Magic could easily sell for $39.99, but I wanted a better deal for you. It was suggested to sell it of $27.00 Surely everyone would be willing to order Vinegar Magic for that. Why, the time savings alone in finding the information so easily is worth that much to you. Wouldn't you agree?

But I really wanted to give you a GREAT DEAL. So here it is... Order Vinegar Magic today for the low, low amount of only $19.97 (for your copy of the eBook) Or $21.97(for your soft cover paperback) and Declare Your Independence from wasting money and time.

Yes! I'll take advantage of this safe, money and time savings. I want to Order My Own Copy Now

Other people who bought this book are convinced that with 391 uses in this book you will find money saving ideas and uses of vinegar you never knew existed. So go ahead, put them to use and prove it to yourself that Vinegar Magic truly is magic.

Will Vinegar Magic work for you? You'll never know unless you get it right now, before it's too late.


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